Seoul International Drama Awards 2020 (SDA 2020)
Major Events
Evaluation (Entry Submission, Preliminary Judging, Final Selection)
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Events (Drama OST Concert, VOD Premiere Service, TV Film Festival etc.)
Organized by
Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee, Korean Broadcasters Association
Supported by
The Ministry of Culture, Seoul Metropolitan Government, KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, Korea Drama Production Association, Korean TV & Radio Writers Association.
Awards Ceremony
September 15th(Tue) 15:00 MBC TV / wavve, Youtube broadcasting
  • wavve VOD Premiere Service : September 1st(Tue) ~ 30th(Wed)
  • SDA Drama OST Concert : September 9th(Wed) 18:00 MBC M / wavve, Youtube broadcasting November 13th(Fri) 09:00 MBC FM4U(91.9Mhz) Radio broadcasting
  • TV Film Festival & GV : October 30th(Fri) 14:00 Youtube Broadcasting