SDA Talk&Talk

SDA 2020 Talk & Talk
  • Grand Prize [Orphans of a Nation]
    “We hope to contribute a little with this soap opera for people to stop being orphans of the land and become children of this earth.”
    Duca Rachid (Screenwriter)
  • TV Movie Golden Bird Prize [The Turncoat]
    “It's a shame that we cannot be together at this fantastic night and celebrate this but you can be sure we are in Munich right now, we will celebrate tonight and the following nights”
    Stefan Raiser (Producer)
  • Best Screenwriter Prize [When the Camellia Blooms]
    “'Can each on of us be a mirabcle for someone else?' This is the first line form the drama which has given us an answer. I just wanted to comfort someone who's exhausted. In the end, I was comforted by their kindness.”
    Sang-Choon Lim (Screenwriter)
  • Best Actor Prize [Baghdad Central]
    “This is a first for me on many levels. So thank you for recognizing all of my 'Firsts'.”
    Waleed Zuaiter (Actor)
  • Best Actress Prize [When the Camellia Blooms]
    “Just like one year ago, I long for filming dramas and movies on locations with lovely actors, crews, and neighbors. Thank you so much for this award.”
    Kong Hyo-Jin (Actress)
  • Asian Star Prize,
    The Most Popular Foreign Drama of the Year [Descendants of the Sun]
    “This award is also a tribute to all frontliners of the world. Soldiers, healthcare workers and volunteers. A snappy salute to you all! Thank you.”
    Dingdong Dantes (Actor)