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  • "Three-legged Bird" ('Sam-jok-oh' in Korean)
    A symbol of Seoul International Drama Awards

    In ancient mythology, the ‘three-legged bird’
    symbolizes the sun and predicts the future.

    As you can see from the name, the bird has three legs. Many assumptions exist for the meaning of the number of its legs; some historians and archeologists say amongst the positive numbers according to the ‘Yin Yang’ theory, ‘3’ stands for ‘perfection.’ So ancient people believed the bird living in the sun had three legs. Some people explain that each leg means the air, earth and human beings respectively.

세계의 삼족오

Looking into some historical sources, you can find the 'three-legged Bird' from various cultures.

  • 각저층 삼족오
  • 갈림 오회분 4호묘의 삼족오
  • 중국 한나라,
    허난성벽화의 삼족오
  • 일본 오사카 카라쓰노미야 신사의 삼족오
This bird appears in an old Korean history book《Sam-guk-yu-sa》, that says the ‘three-legged bird’ tells people what will happen in the future and what they should do.
《Shan Hai Jing》, the old Chinese geography book also mentions the black bird with three legs living in the sun. In Japanese creation myth, this bird ushers the army of the Emperor.
Not only in Asian culture, but in Greek myth there is a story about a black bird which is originally white but turns into black, causing Apollo’s anger. At some historic site of Pamphylia and Lycia, the ‘three-legged bird’ is found in murals and coins.

Seoul International Drama Awards aims to be a universal hub for exchanging TV dramas worldwide and drives diverse ideas for where the industry should go.

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