Ko Suk Man
Former President of EBS
  • Former President of EBS
  • Former Director of KOCCA
  • Former General Manager of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea
  • Former Festival Director of Jeonju International Film Festival
  • Produced , ,
Sohn Byung Woo
Professor of Department of Communication, Chungnam National University
  • Former Chairman of Korean Association For Communication and Information Studies
  • Former Chairman of Journal of Social Science, Chungnam National University
  • Former Chairman of Culture and Gender research, The Korean Society For Journalism & Communication Studies
Akiko Amy Kanda
Producer, Scripted Production Department, TV Asahi
  • Produced '24 JAPAN', 'The Fugitive', 'Air Girl – The First Flight Attendant', 'Special Investigation Team'
Magdalene Ew
Head of Content – Entertainment, WarnerMedia Entertainment Networks, Asia Pacific
  • Plan and Implement 8 seasons of 'Game of Thrones' Campaigns
  • Launched 2 services including HBO GO in 6 countries and Red by HBO
  • Launched first ever MTV Asia Awards marketing campaign
  • Launched world’s inaugural Formula 1 night-race in Singapore
Isabelle Degeorges
Director, Gaumont Television France
  • Producer of 'Lupin', Netflix, 2021
  • Producer of 'Totems', Amazon Prime, 2021
  • Produced 'Off-Season', France Television – RTS 2021 / 'Plan B', TF1, 2021 / 'Nona and her Daughters', Arte, 2021
Ana Carolina Lima
Head of Content, Globoplay(OTT)
  • Programming, Acquisitions & Data Analysis Director, Entertainment / Globoplay
  • Programming Director, Viacom Networks Brazil
You Xiao Gang
Chairman of China Television Drama Production Industry Association
  • Chairman of China Television Drama Production Industry Association
  • Deputy head of Beijing Television Art Centre, National first-class director
  • IFFAM Macau Intl’ TV Festival ‘China Television Film Industry Development Contribution Award’ award-winning
  • BCM 10th Anniversary Achievement Award Winner


Rebecca Chiyoko King-O’Riain Ireland
Department of Sociology Maynooth University Maynooth, County Kildare Ireland
  • Study of pop culture in Asia (Popular music and drama in Korea and Japan)
  • Contributions to journals related to K-pop and popular culture
Tan Wei Lin Singapore
MediaCorp Studios
  • Producing and Writing 'Tanglin', Winner of the best Singapore Soap/Telenovela in the Asian Academy Awards 2018
  • Co-writing of Jack Neo’s film 'Just Follow Law', Best Script nomination at the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards in 2007
Stephen Corvini Australia
Live Wires / Drama Executive & Producer
  • Producer of International Award - winning Australian Drama hits, ‘Safe Harbour (2018)’, ‘Secret City - Under the Eagle (2019)’ ‘Hungry Ghosts (2020)
  • 2018 Winner SDA Silver Bird Prize Safe Harbour
  • 2019 Winner Best Mini - Series Int. Emmy Awards Safe Harbour
  • 2015 – 2019 Development Producer/Producer Matchboxpictures NBCU
  • 2021 SDA Juror for preliminary screenings
Jason Bechervaise U.K.
Film Critic / Professor of Soongsil Cyber University
  • Film Critic : Screen International (U.K.), Arirang TV&Radio, EBS, Busan eFM
  • Olleh Smartphone Film Festival (2013)
  • Wildflower Film Awards Jury (2016)
  • SDA Juror for preliminary screening (2016~2020)
Noh Kwang Woo South Korea
Columnist / Professor, School of Media and Communication at Korea University
  • co-Founder and Staff of New York Korean Film Festival
  • Guest programmer of the Korean Film Festival Canada
Sunny Ko South Korea
Professor of Seoul Institute of the Arts
  • Writer of MBC Documentaries 'Love of Motherbird', Peace is Far but a Way to Go' which won the Grand Prize of BaekSang Arts Awards, etc.
  • Writer of MBC Drama '나비야 청산가자', SBS Drama 'Rage of Angels'
  • Former Director of the Korea TV&Radio Writers Association (1994-1997)
Hee-Jeong Gong South Korea
  • Drama Critic, MBC audience evaluator
  • In charge of promotion, broadcasting policy at Dong-A TV, Korean Cable TV Association, and KT Skylife
  • Featured at Kukmin Ilbo 'Drama is the times', INSIDE CABLE 'Cable Salon', 'Drama Salon', Seoul Sinmun 'Gong Hee-Jeong’s Culture Salon', 'Famous Line of Drama' etc.
  • SDA 2020 Preliminary Screening Jury
  • APAN 2020 Jury
  • E-Daily Column Regular Writing Staff
  • SBS 'Open TV' Regular Corner Hosting
  • Columnist of Current portal Daum Corner
Katharine Kim South Korea
  • CEO of Eastwave Studio - Film&Drama Series production (2020~)
  • Adjunct Professor, College of Covergence Culture Arts in University of Suwon (2015~)
  • Advisory Board of BIFF
  • Former Director of CJ E&M Film Business Division (2011~2012)
  • Former Representative Director of CJ Entertainment (2005~2011)
Lee Hun-Yul South Korea
Professor of School of Media and Communication at Korea University
  • Professor, School of Media and Communication at Korea University
  • Korean Association for Broadcasting & Telecommunication Studies General Affairs Director
  • Dept. of Broadcast & Electronic Communication Art, San Francisco State University Assistant Professor
  • Producer of Donga TV
Seon-Young Kim South Korea
  • Kyunghyang Shinmun, Hankyorae Shinmun, The Asia Business Daily drama column
  • MC for Hankyorae TV 'Surplus Salon', Skylife 'Turn on the VOD', Ch-U 'Eudpia', etc.
  • Cast for MBC 'Envious TV', KBS 'Oh Tae-Hoon's current affairs headquarters', CBS, etc.
  • Juror for 2015 Seoul International Women's Film Festival, 2017&2019 Korea Broadcasting Prize, etc.
  • Seoul International Drama Awards 2020 Preliminary Selection Jury
South Korea
EP of MBC Drama Department
  • Producer of 'The Veil' (2021)
  • Producer of 'Please Check the Event' (2021)
  • Producer of 'Here's My Plan' (2021)
  • Producer of 'Kkondae Intern' (2020)
  • Producer of 'Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo' (2019), won the NYTVF Silver prize